Gold Digger Slot

I was looking for a new game to play the other day and stumbled upon a game called Gold Digger. This intrigued me so I clicked on it and what I found was quite impressive. I was greeted by upbeat banjo music before the page was even finished loading. Then Daisy popped up on the screen. This blonde bombshell waited on the side of the screen for her two miners to find her  gold. If they don’t find gold they just might strike some oil or even coal.

This game may seem like your typical five reel 30 line slot but it is bursting with excitement and competition. The reels spin around filled with lanterns, beavers, sticks of dynamite and wagons, so place your bets and try to lasso up as many bonuses as you can. One of the most exciting and lucrative bonuses is three or more dynamite sticks, but you’ll have to see that one to believe it.

The “Gopher a Dig” is also a fan favourite. If you do happen to achieve this bonus you will be transported to a brand new screen where you will go mining for gold, oil and coal. Of course gold will get you the most points, but anything you find will add up to extra points.

Three treasure maps will have you looking for the grand prize, so keep an eye out for those. I found the Gold Digger Slot game when I was looking through, and it was one of many that seemed quite intriguing. So take a look around, life’s too short to play boring slot themes!

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